How Much Does Anxiety Impact Your Daily Life Tasks?

Daily stress takes it’s toll on the body. Everyone will talk about exhaustion from a stressful day. When you take a day of heightened stress from anxiety and stack the days on top of each other, so many other problems can start occurring. From affecting smalls task in your daily life, such as how you do the dishes if you’re worried it won’t be the “right” way, to physical ramifications, like stomach upset and ulcers, anxiety can lead to multiple points that interfere with living your life. Sometimes the overwhelming feeling that something “might” happen can even keep you from doing things that are important to both your physical and mental wellbeing. If you spend so long trying to figure out the when, how, and if you want to shower before you go to an event, you may not get the option. Sometimes simply reminding yourself there is no incorrect answer and whatever you choose based on what you want to do is what’s best for you, can pull you out of a spiral and allow you to move on with the simple tasks of life.

How to move forward

While just saying to remind yourself that everything is ok sounds simple, it can be so much harder than that. Sometimes one small thought sneaks in that you don’t even realize has started you into the anxiety tree line and before you know it, you’re lost in a forest of what if. Finding your way out can be confusing and honestly, draining. Finding ways to provide yourself with a compass to lead you out of the dark and back to the world of the absolutes is something that can be hard. Once you find your compass, it can be world changing.

  • If your find yourself looking at a world of never ending tasks and wants, try make a list of immediate needs, and write it out one by one on a stack of post-its. Only focus on one at a time.
  • Break tasks down into groups and only work on one area of tasks at a time. Set yourself rewards and breaks to do a “fun” task in-between.
  • Trust yourself and know when something is becoming too overwhelming. Even if you’ve set a schedule for the day, taking a break from something once it starts to feels like to much can help. You can always come back to the task once it feels less like a mountain.

No one tactic works for everyone and finding yours can be a trial and error. Remember your are human and worth love and caring from yourself, and you’re never alone. There will be failure at remembering to stay out of the woods. Remember you are your biggest priority and be kind to you.

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